Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Release & Freebie!!

I have a wonderful New Release out today!! Its a Collab done with the Wonderful Andi from Digi Preserves. The first picture is my portion the second is her's and the following pictures are a few add-ons for you. You can get all my pieces at both my stores for 40% off for a limited time. Also scroll to the bottom for a wonderful FREE MINI KIT found on my facebook page.

                             By Dora                                     By Tamie
                                                    By Bren
                       By Dora                                    By Theresa
                                                 By Tia
By Anita                             By Ginger

And this wonderful add-on Freebie can be found on my Facebook page under the "Fan Freebie" tab at the top! 

1 comment:

  1. gorgeous kit! thanks for the awesome freebie!