Friday, June 29, 2012


So before every holiday I get a wild whim up my rear to start scrapping old pictures that I should have done years ago. And got to playing around with last years 4th of July kit Firecracker. So I thought I'd whip up a Freebie for you guys in Celebration. We are really excited for this year here because last year we were on a fire ban and we didn't have any fireworks and just wasn't the same! So this year my dad is coming down and my brother's wife is having some family come in and we are going to do it up big! I'll post pictures next week and I will also be releasing a new kit...hopefully two. Most of you know I've been working on a collab with Misty at Crazy4-Monograms but poor thing has been pretty sick lately with a flu bug. So that will come out when we get it done! So for this week....a big 50 percent off sale in the store through the 4th and I hope all my fellow Americans have a very safe holiday!! Sorry Link Expired!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Yay I have another Freebie kit, this one is called Seaside and was an oldie...its a revamp of one of the very
first kits I created. The Alpa in this one is a ton of fun because when placed over the
sand it looks like writing in the sand. Have Fun!


Thursday, June 14, 2012


Lots of news!! First do you like the blog re-do?? My favorite blog lady, Pamela at The Posh Box always makes it look so awsome!! If you need a blog make-over she is the only one who is allowed to use my kits to do so! Second I'm in the works with putting together a Water-park themed collab with Misty at Crazy-4-Monograms, and its gonna be super cute! Third I had mentioned taking retired kits and revamping them a bit to give you guys some free mini kits. And so I have the first for you today. If you have the All Things Summer kit, it has been retired and this mini kit coordinates with it. I think their are only two elements I salvaged from the old one. So can get it here or it will be under the Freebies tab to get in the future. CLICK THE IMAGE TO GET YOUR DOWNLOAD!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Well SeaWorld was a huge success! Somewhat LOL, when we got their the first day I opened the 
bag to pull out sunscreen only to find out that something had set against it just right to where it sprayed all over the bag....and onto my camera. So needless to say my camera is broke there is no hope in fixing it at this point. The oil got all into the camera and even the screen is all weird...So Sad :-( 
Unfortunatly I can't really afford one for a few months so I'm using an old one in the meantime. My son 
said maybe Santa will bring you one, LOL. So here are the pictures I promised and if you go to the bottom
of the post I have a new kit out too!
 My son about peed his pants over getting to pet the sting rays. He even tried to pull
one out of the water...He said he wanted to take a bath with it...Scary!
 As you can see Owen loves fish...and could have stayed in the Aquarium all day....
 But not sure his big sister thought the same, she was ready to hit the water park the second we walked in!
This is me and my sister-in-law (I'm in the navy blue shirt). We got to go spend an evening on the 
RiverWalk while grandma and the big kids took care of the little ones. We had fun.. but drank just a little much :-)
And this is from left to big brother, his wife, myself and my hubby. Lots of fun..but it went way too fast!! Now on to business...

I also wanted to let you guys know that I just pulled off a few kits from the website...older kits
that it was time to retire...but I've decieded to revamp them a bit and add them to the blog as free mini kits.
So watch for that later this month. Sorry Link Has Expired! AHHHH
I almost forgot!! There is a $1.50 SALE in the store through the next week!!