Wednesday, September 26, 2012

CT Call, New Kit and Freebie!!

Ok I know...where have you been?? LOL the last few weeks have been a bit crazy. The week before last the whole family got a bug and it passed from one right to the next. And then my daughter who has Asthma is still battling the cough from it. But that's not sweet baby boy turned 4 yesterday. And while we didn't have a big party yet...we still made the day a bit fun for him. He got to choose his dinner, which was a happy meal, LOL and we went and picked a cake at the bakery. Then we let him pick one big toy at the store which of course was a race car track. He is a race car fanatic. So needless to say I'm behind! And you will also see my cry for help...I did a CT Call. Yes I need a Creative Team. And if you've never done one before but think you layouts are to die for, apply anyway! It has free stuff involved! Yay, free stuff!! And last but not least a new kit...this one was picked by a Facebook Follower who will get the kit for free. She needed something with dragons which I (having a boy) thought it would be fun to do. And not to forget about your freebie.... CLICK Sorry, the Link for Freebie has expired! 


Monday, September 24, 2012

Creative Team Call!!

Do you like free products, and working with fun scrapbook kits?? Email me and lets have some fun!! Deadline is October 5th!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blog Make-Over & Hello Fall Freebie!

Sorry I went missing but we all got hit with a bug this last week...which hasn't happened in a while...knock on wood!! But everyone is feeling better, my little one just has a bit of a cough left. So while I was down I had the blog fixed up...nice huh! I couldn't have asked for more but I knew Pamela over at The Posh Box would do nothing but! So if you need a blog make over look her up she will hook you up! And last but not least I have a fun little freebie for you to go with the Hello Fall kit. Sorry, the Link for Freebie has expired!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hello Fall & Matching Freebie!

Well I don't know about you guys...but I'm soooo ready for fall! And living here in Texas, I have a bit longer till it even begins to make a show :-(  So I had to create a kit to help me feel like it wasn't 95 outside, LOL....not sure it worked cause I just busted a sweat going to the mailbox! The Worn Papers are free for a limited time...they will go into the store in a week so grab them while you can. Also the kit is 30% off for the next week. Sorry The Download Has Expired but you can find them in The Kit Cart Store now!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Always looking for a reason to celebrate
cake, LOL. So today my doogie turns 1! She is a 
miniature Aussie and we love her tons! Most of the
store is 50% off today only to celebrate! YAY!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. Ours was quiet. Sometimes that can be best! Today I have a new kit out called You And Me. It was inspired by my little boy and his best friend. And that's what this kit is about, a little one and their buddy. It is on sale now for 30% off in The Kit Cart store.