Friday, February 22, 2013

New Kit & Freebie!!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday, Yay!! I think this weekend I'm running errands on Saturday (you know fun stuff like Sam's club) and then maybe hitting the Zoo on Sunday. Its suppose to be 70 so thought that would be something fun to do outside. Now this is a big deal here because our zoo is about an hour and a half drive so we don't do it very often. So it will be fun. BUT first I'm heading out the door to have a Margarita :-) Gonna have a little Mexican food with the family. Yummm!! So I will quickly finish this. I have A new fun kit called The Bees Knees which is silly and happy and full of color! You know me I like me some color, LOL. And if you scroll to the bottom there is a fun little freebie to coordinate for you. You get can it at my Gotta Pixel store 30% off for a limited time, or tomorrow I will have a little BOGO deal going for you!

                      By Ginger                                          By Anita
By Teresa                                    By Marcia

By Tia 
Sorry, the Link for Freebie has expired! 

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