Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The School Years & Freebie

The School Years just .99 Cents A Pack or $5.50 for the Bundle for A Limited Time!
The Studio

By Anita

By Tia                                  By Theresa
By Dora                                           By Jacqui
By Anita                                  By Lisa
By Lisa

And thank you so much to my Creative Team Member Lisa for creating this awesome blog Freebie, just click HERE or the image to get your download

Did you get his coordinating August Freebie from the Facbook Page?
Click the image or HERE, become a Facebook Fan and Click the Fan Freebie Tab.

Also for today only because its my Birthday!! You can get the Let's Celebrate kit for 70% off. That's right its only $1.80 for the kit...but remember its TODAY ONLY!!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU :) This month is mine also :) Great border THANK YOU :~} Luv`d all this so much that I had to have it :) ...Did not come here first I went from email to store so I did`nt get the birthday I seriously think I already have it hehehe on my EHD have`nt looked for it yet....I went to download the schoolyears sets and the preschool pack and it downloaded as the elementary pack ..

  2. love the new kit, it's too cute! don't have any kids though. thanks for the awesome freebies! Happy Birthday!! Mine is thursday! Going to get the celebrate kit if I don't have it - going thru my externals now - although the over the hill one is closer to my age - LOL

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